Pillar & Cloud Productions is a voice-over production studio located in northern Illinois.  We service clients in the Chicago and Milwaukee metro areas, as well as the greater Midwest region.

Started in 2011, Pillar & Cloud specializes in voice-overs and film production.  We are a small, independent production studio which seeks to fill a niche in a very competitive marketplace.  

With the growth of home computer processing power and the availability of professional-grade production tools, there are production studios cropping up everywhere.  Most of them are focused on landing large clients and making a name for themselves.  Serving large clients is great, but we also realize that there are a lot of small, local businesses which would like to increase their footprint via social media and digital advertising.

We can offer your business a professional product without breaking the bank.  Whether you'd like a voice-over for the radio spot you've just written or you'd like to augment your business' recorded answering service, Pillar & Cloud is here to help.