Voice-overs are everywhere.  From the radio to the movie theater, the subway car to the internet advertisement, voice-overs are widely-utilized to market products and communicate information in an increasingly digital age.  

At Pillar & Cloud, we recognize that businesses of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of voice-overs and we are here to help, no matter what size the job might be.


We have the voice talent and the production capabilities to meet your needs.  Whether you're looking to market your documentary film with a trailer or need someone to make your radio spot come to life, we would love to be your voice.  

Posted below are a few of Luke's voice-over demos.  If you have a specific product in mind, but don't see a demo for it, please let us know and we would be happy to provide a sample for you.


Note: Google Chrome often has trouble playing the audio files below. Please try from a different browser if Chrome will not play them for you. 

Luke Hamilton: Film Narration

Luke Hamilton: Corporate Narration